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    1. Make BIG Checks With Commercial

      With our in-house commercial experts we can now offer residential agents a 35% referral fee!

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      How It Works


      Refer the deal to our team: 35% referral fee upon close of the transaction.

      Approved Commercial Agent: For experienced commercial agents only, must be approved by the broker in writing. 85/15% commission split!

      35% Referral Fee

      We do all the work

      Full Support

      About the Program


      Big Block Commercial Agents have been hand selected to ensure the highest quality, dependable support for all your real estate needs.


      Our team of highly trained experts can support you with all your commercial needs. From multi-family to land and everything in between, our unique approach is certain to help you reach your goals.

      Strong Referral For Agents

      We offer strong referral to residential Agents. Let our hand selected team of experts support both you and your client achieve their goals. We also offer consulting services for select Agents.

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